Vehicle Clearance Certificates


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Vehicle Clearance Certificates

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If you are buying a car privately or moving abroad, it is your responsibility to you to ensure that all the necessary documentation is in order.

Did you know, a roadworthy testing station can refuse to issue the roadworthy certificate and the licencing authority can refuse to register the car in your name without a Vehicle Clearance Certificate?

As far as licencing, registering and paperwork are concerned, buying a car through a dealership ends up being much simpler than buying it privately and having to do all the work yourself.

Let Police Clear help you apply for your Vehicle Clearance Certificate easily and efficiently.

We will:

  • check that there is no money owing on the car
  • check that it is not stolen
  • submit, collect and deliver the certificate to you

What could be simpler or more affordable?

Why do you need a PCC for your vehicle?

Amendments to the National Road Traffic Act: Regulations (2012) have made it compulsory for vehicle owners to get a Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) for their vehicles under certain circumstances. In order for you to obtain a PCC you need to apply for a Request for Police Clearance (RPC) certificate first. If any of the following applies to your vehicle(s), you will need to apply for a RPC as part of the necessary procedure.

You will need to apply for a RPC certificate if:

  • ownership of the vehicle has changed,
  • the engine has been replaced,
  • your vehicle was reported as stolen and then recovered,
  • the engine or chassis number differs from the number on the registration certificate (even if it is only by one digit),
  • the previous owner of the vehicle did not supply you with the necessary documentation,
  • the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) has been updated,
  • you are exporting or importing vehicles, or
  • you are crossing the border permanently - some countries may require a police clearance to confirm that you are not driving a stolen vehicle.
How long does it take to obtain a vehicle PCC or RPC?

Within 7 working days once the application is submitted at Motor Vehicle Registration (MVR), providing we have all certified documents we require.

  • We collect, deliver and expedite Police Clearance certificates locally, provided that it is not an outline or regional area.
  • Progress report on request.

Simple as that!

How to apply

Police Clear makes the process of applying for your Vehicle PCC and RPC quick and easy.

For all our local clients, we offer a COLLECTION, EXPEDITE and DELIVERY service. NO ADDED FEES!

  • Step 1: Download and complete the Request for Police Clearance (RPC) Application Form
  • Step 2: Submit the form together with supporting documentation to us.
  • Step 3: We start your expedited facilitation of your PCC at Motor Vehicle Registration (MVR) Centre the same day after receiving your original documents.
  • Step 4: We deliver your completed PCC to your home or work address, provided that it is not an outline or regional area.
What documentation do we require?

The following documents are to be submitted with your RPC application form:

  • Certified Identity Document (ID)
  • Registration document (Owner)
  • Letter of permission from the owner (if done on behalf of the owner by someone else)
  • New Owner – proof of purchase/affidavit (A new owner must record chassis, register/license number and make of vehicle)
  • Acceptable proof of address

Depending on the vehicle code additional information such as photos maybe be required. Our friendly staff will assist you with this process.

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